photo of couples kissing by the sea holding lanterns at blue hour, during a photography workshop on the Isle of Skye

November 16 +17

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Skye Elopement Story IV

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Location : Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skye Elopement Story is back with its fourth workshop!

Based on The Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Day 1

you'll be taken on a guided meditation to start your experience and help you start to feel open, creative, relaxed.

After this you'll head into an interactive brain-friendly workshop all around Client Experience led by Harriet Evans. Harriet is an Online Business Manager helping creative business owners with their systems and processes giving them the time, freedom and headspace to life the life they dream of. Harriet's workshop will help you delve into your own client's experience and think about help and new ways to wow your clients throughout their journey with you.

After we've had some much needed caffeine and lunch, Becy from Belle Art Photography will lead the afternoon session which will be centered around co-creating elopements and how to create meaningful experiences for your clients. We will delve into elopement packages, pricing for elopements and so much more!

This workshop is for photographers who are looking to start or expand their elopement portfolio and business knowledge to really grow their elopement brand! Everyone is welcome here, provided you are kind! There has always been a range of abilities at the workshops and it's a safe place to support and learn from each other.

Day 2

Becy will lead you through a beautiful elopement story from prep to sunset adventure and will talk you through her shooting processes; How she navigates through the drastic changes in light, weather and scenery. This shoot is designed to emulate a real elopement as closely as possible from the REAL couples, ceremonies with hand-fastings, romantic picnics, and sunset adventures.

You will all have plenty of time to shoot and we will make sure each photographer has a chance to direct and really use their own creative ideas!

The aim of the workshop is to inspire you creatively, instilling knowledge and confidence in your own shooting style. It will also give you a taste of how incredible elopements can be and it will show you how putting the couples experience at the forefront of everything you do, will lead to creating the most meaningful and beautiful artwork.

Here are a few things

We will cover





Client Experience


Portfolio Building

Elopement Curation

Creatives often feel imposter syndrome, anxiety and burn out during wedding season. Meditation has become a huge part of my life and I want to give you the tools to help.

Both Becy and Harriet are experts when it comes to Client Experience. The business side of the workshop will take place in beautiful studio in central Skye.

During the shoot days, Becy will guide you to the best locations and discuss composition and light within the ever challenging lanscape of Skye. There will be plenty of opportunity to shoot and build the most amazing elopement portfolio!

Ever wondered how we manage to book the right kind of clients with the best sense of adventure? I strive for equality and inclusivity. What's most important is that every couple can see themselves in my work, because eloping is for everyone. This workshop will reflect this and help you to learn the art of elopement curation!

Skye story elopement workshop.Photo from the last photography worksho on the isle of skye of couple hugging and kissing in black and white.

November 16 +17 23

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Kind Words

Hi Becy, I just wanted to send a small message to thank you personally for everything over the past few days. It wasn’t just a shoot, but an experience and I loved it. Thanks for all your encouragement - it really means alot! Hope to cross paths again soon!

- Matt

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What's included

Couple hugging during elopement photography workshop on The Isle of Skye

Skye Story Elopement Workshop IV

Your Ticket will include

- A full elopement story styled shoot let by Becy from Belle Art Photography

- Talks & business tools by both Becy and Harriet on Upping your client experience

- An introduction to and guided meditation

- Lunch on both days

- Caffeine fix

- Amazing supportive friends to keep forever



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Is any travel included in the cost?


No, your travel to and around Skye isn’t included in the cost. Car’s are really recommended as Skye is a rural island and public transport isn’t always reliable. Where possible, we will travel in the fewest cars possible

Can you help with accommodation recommendations?


Yes of course, once you have bought your ticket, recommendations for places to stay will be sent to you.

Is my ticket refundable?


Workshop tickets are non-refundable. You may transfer your ticket to another person however this is your responsibility


Photography Presets

Belle Art Presets

Belle Presets

3 color and 3 BW presets

A collection of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. Includes 6 fine art presets to give your photos a painterly quality

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